thesis candidacy presentation

via zoom during the covid-19 pandemic

i'll be the most real thing in your world

the anderson gallery, richmond, virginia

virginia commonwealth university

pursuing a mfa in visual communications


a group show of friendship

at the pump house in byrd park, rva

lecture on adhocism

theory inquiry class, vcu

premiere petsitting

marketing guru

practice promotions

design intern

graduate teaching assistant

theory inquiry class, vcu

virginia rebellion

womens ultimate frisbee


womens ultimate frisbee

college nannies and tutors

childcare provider


tailored touches

design intern


design intern

vienna, austria

umbau design studio summer 2018

the horn bike ride

90 km from austria to the czech republic

adhocracy thesis presentation

artworks gallery, harrisonburg, virginia

james madison university

bfa in architectural design

bitchmonkey ultimate

womens ultimate frisbee


lee design and interiors

interior design intern

pamplona, spain

ran with the bulls

el camino de santiago

90 mile walking pilgrimage

first year orientation guide

james madison university


school of visual and performing arts, jmu

bitchmonkey ultimate

womens ultimate frisbee


became vegetarian

a 20th birthday resolution

tokyo, japan

architectural design studio

the finnish embassy

day long exhibition

the by and by

architectural exhibition

krispy kreme


bitchmonkey ultimate

womens ultimate frisbee club vp

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